Voice Surgery (Phonosurgery)

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Voice Surgery

Voice surgery or vocal surgery is the name given to surgical operations performed to treat the benign or malignant diseases of the vocal cords. These surgeries may also be performed to change the voice quality. It is a very fine surgery that requires very special instruments that are used under a microscope (phonomicrosurgery).

What are the most common disorders treated with voice surgery?

The most common disorders treated with voice surgery include:

-Vocal Cord Nodules

-Vocal Cord Polyp

-Vocal Cord Cyst

-Vocal Cord Sulcus (Sulcus Vocalis)

-Vocal Cord Paralysis (Single Sided – Unilateral)

-Vocal Cord Paralysis (Both Sided – Bilateral)

– Vocal Cord Palsy

-Vocal Cord Cancer

-Decreasing the Voice Pitch

-Increasing the Voice Pitch


-Treatment of Presbylarynx (Larynx of the Elderly)

-Reinke’s Edema

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