UEP2020 International Faculty

Meet the International Faculty: Orietta CALCINONI (Italy) – 30th Congress of European Proniatricians UEP2020, October 6 -10, 2020, Antalya, Turkiye.

Orietta CALCINONI is a confirmed speaker at the 30th Congress of European Proniatricians UEP2020.

Born in Milan, where she lives and works, ENT and Phoniatrician, deals with Occupational

Medicine and Insurance Medicolegal assessments. Works in prevention and assessment of ENT

dysfunctions: hearing, vestibular, smell and taste losses and voice complaints. Mostly interested

in occupational voice, both about new evaluations (vocal dosimetry) and planning prevention of

voice diseases. On 3rd August 2017 cofounder with Valentina Carlile (DO) of the Voice & Music

Professionals Care Team (VMPCT), a site for clinical research and collaboration between experts

and to train younger Colleagues. Since 1987 works in Teatro alla Scala where, from 2009, is in

charge of the Theatre’s ENT Service. Since 1990 to 2015 ENT in INAIL (Italian National Institute

for Insurance against work’s accidents and diseases – Lombardy Regional Direction). Part of the

teams producing the INAIL protocol for Hearing Aids and the National Guidelines about Noise

Protection in Entertainment Sector.  Teacher and speaker in many national and international

courses and congresses, dealing mostly about multidimensional approaches to voice. Part of

teams and associations in Italy and Europe, (COMET, PAMA, IVTOM, SIFEL, SIAF, GLO, RIOSARCAS

ASSOCIATS, OTOPERFORMA, CEIMARS, …), her private practice is in Centro Medico Turati in Milan.

Please visit the webpage of the congress for further details: www.uep2020.org

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