UEP2020 International Faculty

UEP2020 International Faculty

Meet the International Faculty: Shadaba Ahmed (UK) – 30th Congress of European Proniatricians UEP2020

Shadaba Ahmed is a confirmed speaker at the 30th Congress of European Proniatricians UEP2020.

She has been a Consultant ENT Surgeon for close to 17 years. Her clinical interests are Otology, Voice and Salivary Gland disease.  She is a RCSE examiner for DOHNS, MRCS and recently for FRCS.  She is a Honorary Lecturer in Lancaster University and Honorary teacher in Liverpool University for the last 12 years. She is a full member of the AoME and completed PG Cert form Egdehill with credit. She is also Member of the NW STC in ENT. She has contributed to the  GMC OSCE SBA writing events. She is a  member of the Local Negotiating Committee BMA. She is the lead for ENT services and also the Undergraduate ENT Lead as well.

She  participates  in the National Selection Committee for CT and ST doctors. She greatly enjoys teaching and training at all levels. She is the Editor of the Morecambe Bay Medical Journal  and  Editorial Board member for Recent Advances in Otolaryngology and Rhinology. She defines them as the my most pleasurable and satisfying roles to date. She has  published 40 plus  papers. She enjoys Sinatra style music, walking and traveling in comfort.

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